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Christmas Tree Shopping Hints

According to the National Christmas Tree Association (NCTA), 56 million trees are planted each year for future Christmases and 30 to 35 million families will shop and buy a "real" Christmas tree this year.

You should consider shopping for a Christmas tree earlier as opposed to closer to Christmas since you'll have a better selection of high quality Christmas trees.  Typically, the BEST time to buy a Christmas tree is the weekend after Thanksgiving through the first week in December.  

  • Know how tall your ceiling is before you set off shopping
  • Determine where the tree will be displayed.  (Refer to our Christmas Tree Safety Page for hints on selecting a safe place.)  If it will be viewed from all sides, you'll want a symmetrical tree.  If it's going up against a wall, you can get by with a less than perfect tree on all sides.
  • Lift and drop the Christmas tree on a hard surface - it should not result in a shower of GREEN needles.  BROWN needles that have shed the previous year are ok. 
  • Pinch a needle with your fingernail and observe its aroma.  This will be the smell with which the tree will fill your home. 
  • Bend the needles slightly.  Make sure they don't snap.